Advertising Rates

RCQ Inc members need to be observance of the new National Code of Ethics.

Below are the following advertising rates for Stud dog, Litter Notice, Breeders Directory and the Package Deal. If you are a company that would like to advertise on this website please contact the club, we would be more than happy to work something out with you.


Stud Dog :

As a member you can advertised your stud dog/s on your clubs website.

* All Stud dogs must have Hip/Elbow/Eye and Mouth Certificates and must meet the requirements under the NRC(A) and the RCQ Inc, Code of Ethics

STUD DOG – $50.00 Per Annum.*

Click here to view more about  Stud Dog


Litter Notice :

As a member you can have your current Litter advertised on your clubs website under Litter Notice.
Please remember that your new puppy owner can become a member of our club at a reduce rate.

* All Litter Notices are for a period of from birth until 12 weeks of age and are taken down after this time.

LITTER NOTICE. – $15.00 Per Litter.*

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Breeders Directory :

As member you can advertise you kennel under Breeders Directory per annum.

* All Breeders in the Breeders Directory must be a current member of Dogs Queensland and or another State Canine Control Body.

BREEDERS DIRECTORY. – $50.00 Per Annum.*

Click here to view more about Breeders Directory



As a member of the Rottweiler Club of Queensland you can get a Package Deal on Advertising in your clubs website and club magazine.

Package Deal includes the following:

  • STUD DOG (2 x per annum).
  • LITTER NOTICE (2 x per annum).



In the Pachage Deal you get the following Advertisement at one low price of,

$120.00 Per Annum*

What you get for $120.00 Per Anum is
*Stud Dog Listing X 2, Litter Listing X 2, Breeders Directory, Links Advertising,
Dogs Forsale X 2 *

That’s a saving of $80 Per Annum,


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