New Committee

Rottweiler Club, Rottweiler Club of Queensland, Rottweiler, RCQLD

The Rottweiler Club of Queensland Inc, would like to welcome the
new committee for 2018.

President: Ms Donna Carter – 0452 228 709
Vice President: Mr Dean Dallinger
Secretary: Mrs Heidi Youle – 0422 285 255
Assistant Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Mrs Angela Heinemann-Little

Committee: Mrs Glenda Carter, Mrs Kylee McKeown, Ms Cathy Cameron, Mr David McKeown, Mr Mark Bastin &  Ms Larissa Rogers

NRC(A) Delegates: Mr David McKeown, Mr Mark Bastin & Larissa Rogers
Breed Recorder: Mr David McKeown – 0402 652 540
Breed Survey Chairperson: Mr. David McKeown
Breed Survey Trainees: Mr. David McKeown
Media Liaison Officer: Mr David McKeown
Fundraising Officer: Mr Ron Risely
Club Development Officer: Mr. Mark Bastin
Magazine & Website Editor: Mr David McKeown & Ms Larissa Rogers