Rottweiler Club of Queensland Inc. / National Rottweiler Council (Australia) breeeding guidelines. Members need to be observance of the new National Code of Ethics.

  • Members of the Rottweiler Club of Queensland Inc. are financial members of Dogs Queensland or affiliate of the ANKC.
  • As members of the Rottweiler Club of Queensland Inc. these breeders must breed with stock which complies with our strict breeding requirements developed over many years.
  • They are also compelled by our Code of Ethics and our Rules and Regulations to provide certain guarantees, information and advice about the breed and after sales support.
  • We recommend that you call as many of these breeders as possible and ask all the questions you like.
  • Ask about the guarantees and ask about support.
  • If you do not find a puppy or are not satisfied after contacting the breeders on this list we would urge you to contact The Rottweiler Club of Queensland on 0414 288 709 (during daytime hours only) .
  • You can also find updated litter listings on our homepage. Before you buy your puppy REMEMBER that the Rottweiler Club of Queensland Inc consists of Member Breeders who care about the long-term welfare of the Rottweiler.

Glossary of Terms :

HD/Hip Score : Hip Dysplasia This disease is found in many breeds, that results in a degenerative hip joint or joints. The lower the score the less chance there is of HD being present or developing.

ED/Elbows : Elbow Dysplasia This disease is found in many breeds, that results in a degenerative elbow joint or joints.

NRC(A) Breed Survey : This is a temperament test that access the dogs sociability and in the case of the NRC(A) Breed survey they also evaluate the dog against the written standard. This involves weighing and measuring the dog for height, length, and proportions of head and skull as well as ratios between the height and length.

Bite : The Rottweiler is supposed to have a scissor bite. While a level bite is not a disqualifying fault it is not desired. An over shot or under shot bite are disqualifying faults and these dogs should not be bred with.



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Breeders Directory:

A fee to advertise has been paid. Members who wish to advertise may do so by contacting the secretary.  Cost is $50 per annum and includes a listing on this page and in the Clubs magazine.

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