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Our Club

The Committee is comprised of a diverse group of members, with years of experience with the Rottweiler breed, from owners, handlers, breeders and Judges. The club is to benefit novice and experience owners, offering a friendly and welcoming environment to all Rottweiler enthusiasts.

Our club consist of Ninety -Seven financial members and growing. The Rottweiler club of Queensland is proud to have members actively participating in both Dog Shows and Sports, such as: Agility, Obedience, Rall-O, Herding, Tracking and IGP, formerly known as IPO/Schutzhund. Whatever you are into then the Rottweiler Club welcomes you with open paws.

Our members are dedicated and passionate about the breed and is frequently involved in canine public awareness events, sharing our love and knowledge of the Rottweiler. We encourage both members and non-members to visit these events

Our Objectives

To protect the breed through education and responsible ownership. It’s our belief that training and socializing is an important factor in raising and owning a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler Club of Queensland offers Rottie School, an affordable monthly training class for members and non-members to attend. We encourage owners to take this opportunity not only to train, but to bond with their dogs, building a stronger relationship.   

To preserve the breed through strict health testing, breeding of correct characteristic and conformation (according to the FCI breed standard) to ensure the quality and longevity of the Rottweiler. Breeders with The Rottweiler Club of Queensland must abide by RCQ and NRCA’s Code of Ethics  

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