Dog Lovers Show

The Rottweiler Club of Queensland was proud to be in the spotlight at the recent inaugural Dog Lovers Show

Held in Brisbane on the 4th – 5th of November 2017.

The official attendance at the Expo was an amazing 11,192 visitors, not including children under 5 who entered free of charge.

Over 100 breeds attended the show including over 40 Dogs Queensland Breed Clubs that exhibited in the Breed Showcase.   The Club was proud to participate in the Breed Showcase along with a number of other activities including Ask-A-Breeder Stage Talks, Pat-A-Pooch, History of War Dogs Seminar. 

 Several of our Club’s Committee Members brought their beautiful fur kids for the public to meet, cuddle, sneak a smooch, all while gather valuable information about our beautiful breed.

Dog Lover Show’s Website